Amazon FBA Selling For Beginners (Complete Guide)

Amazon is an amazing way of kick-starting your business. For a fee, you can acquire the attention of a hundred million people every month that could buy your product and make you millions of dollars. Amazon really has made the world a smaller place by linking buyers with sellers and made online shopping that seemed futuristic a few years ago into a necessity of today.
Let me note down how selling on Amazon works for beginners.

First, let me tell you that you will be a third party seller on Amazon. After paying them a fee your product along with its details will be available to the buyer. That part is sorted out the part that needs more sorting out is whether you would like to ship yourself or will you like leaving that task to Amazon.

This method is known as the fulfilment method. The fulfilment method is critical to maximizing your results on Amazon. Let me show tell you how Amazon FBA works for beginners.

Find a product you want to sell on Amazon

List the product on sale for Amazon as well as decide the selling price for your product.

Prepare the product to be shipped to a Fulfillment by Amazon warehouse.

Box up your product and ship them to the Amazon warehouse assigned to you. You do not need to pack the product stringently. You can box up a lot of different products together as these won’t go directly to the buyer. Your only requirement is to safely ship them to Amazon.
At this point, you have played your part and from here onwards the following steps are going to be taken by Amazon.

Amazon will firstly verify that you have sent the correct items in good condition.

After verification, Amazon will activate your listing which means that your seller name will appear on the applicable product detail page and your item will be available for sale.

Amazon will then store your product in a warehouse until a customer orders it.

When a customer orders your product, an Amazon team member will box your product and then ship it to the customer

Once the item is shipped, Amazon will deposit your share of the sale into your seller account. Your share will be the selling price minus the Amazon fee.

Every two weeks you will receive a deposit to your bank account of the sales conducted in the previous two weeks.

With Amazon Fulfillment all you have to do is find the product that you are selling and ship your product to the Amazon warehouse. Amazon takes care of everything else making your job much easier and you will not even have to worry about whether your product will be safe through shipping or will it get damaged on the way, you don’t even have to worry about getting the address wrong as Amazon takes care of it and provides quality service to your customers which means better reviews for you.

We recommend using Fulfillment by Amazon as it makes life as a seller easy.

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